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How to Wear Your Jewellery like an elegant lady with a good taste

Every wardrobe should include a minimal, everyday jewellery , whether you prefer silver, gold, or a combination of both.

Jewellery enhances your look on any occasion.

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Being classy is an art. It’s all about perception, how you dress, behave, and look.

Your outfits matter, but the jewellery you wear can be a deal breaker or maker. Too little, and you end up looking plain and unpolished. Too much, and you can easily end up looking like a Christmas tree.

To look classy and elegant at all times, follow the pieces of advice below.

They will help you develop your own personal style when it comes to wearing your jewellery.

Daytime I always prefer to stay minimal and sometimes I add small earrings only.

As a Pearl lover I often have my jewellery with them, they are such an elegant part of the jewels.

I’m not a biggest fan of big , statement jewellery but sometimes I have them at modelling photoshoots and they can make an amazing fashion editorial, really outstanding images. They are often cover photos of course if you have a good fashion stylist helps a lot.

If you have occasion that you like to wear statement jewellery Then try them With Simple Outfits.

Set your priorities: either bright clothes or eye-catching accessories.

Match your earrings with your ring. This will make you look sharper.

Avoid adding a bracelet to fit the other two elements, no matter how tempted you are. Instead, add a fine, neutral bracelet to finish off your look.

Remember “Less is Sometimes More”.

And there is something about “Diamonds”

Diamonds have been fixed in jewellery since they were first discovered by people thousands of years ago. 

There's a good reason they are so popular:  diamonds blend with everything!

Check out one of my new jewellery brands I spotted t Paris Fashion Week while I attended this year as a Fashion Journalist ' Del Este '

And the last one-  Some jewellery you’ll wear all the time, like your Solitaire or cushion cut engagement rings 💍

It is wise to consider making your wishes known for ring style before the big event

Hope you enjoyed my article, next one coming soon 🔜

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