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Hottest trends from Monaco Magazine - What are the most popular handbags this season and why !?

OUR most visible fashion accessory

it’s importance for us ladies: HANDBAGS !

Bag Dior

Dress AK Premier Boutique

Fashion is an art and we are the canvas, right?!

The handbag I choose to carry is a way of self-expression and an indication of my personal style, allure and elegance in fashion 🙌🏻

Let’s find out which is the most expensive handbag in the world !? Worth of 3.8 million dollars 💵 !

It’s the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse-

To discover more and read my new article 🙌🏻

Check out also about one of my favourite handbags from finest Italian craftsmanship collection by Elena Milano where each bag represents a different city in Italy through

its delicate paintings; beautifully finished with red silk inside.

@elena.Milano.Italia bags come with a versatile hand strap or with detachable chains for elegance & luxurious finish 💗

J’adore ! 🥰

Some of my other favourite handbags include Hermès Kelly,

Classic Dior.

To find out more read my full article in Monaco Relentless Magazine

Bag Jimmy Choo

Bag Hermès Kelly

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