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I have been so fortunate to have been able to carve out a career as an international fashion model. It has enabled me to model for some incredible fashion designers all over the world. In the last couple of years, I have also established myself as a journalist covering fashion and lifestyle for several international luxury publications. Lately I have attended many of the leading fashion weeks such as Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, Morocco and Portugal either as a model or as a journalist. This has enabled me to get an even better perspective of the fashion scene. 

As I post pictures of me modelling some outstanding creations from both established and exciting up-and-coming international designers on my social media, I am frequently asked where can they acquire a particular dress. This gave me the inspiration for setting up AKPREMIER.COM. Most fashion retailers focus on already established and well-known brands. There are few if any who want to risk stocking up-and-coming designers. This is the niche that AKPREMIER.COM specialises in. As I attend the international fashion weeks, I come across many incredible designers that have not yet been fortunate enough to become widely known. But they definitely have the talent and deserve to reach a wider audience. 

AKPREMIER.COM is the online store where you will find exciting, creative and latest luxury fashion from the best up-and-coming international designers. Many specialise in couture and even haute couture which means that many outfits are very limited in the numbers produced or even one-off creations. So rather than wearing what everyone else does, AKPREMIER.COM have stunning dresses and luxury fashion that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is very unlikely that you will ever come across someone else wearing an outfit bought at AKPREMIER.COM. What can be worse than attending a party or glamorous event than wearing the same outfit as someone else? 

As AKPREMIER.COM deals directly with each designer, we are able to offer amazing deals at much lower prices than normal retail prices. And if you are looking for a stunning outfit for a special occasion, check out our one-off specials where once worn creations straight from the catwalks of one of the leading international fashion weeks or a red carpet event worn by a famous celebrity are available at much reduced prices. If you are looking for a particular outfit or designer, please contact us. With our extensive contacts within fashion, we will do our utmost to bring you what you are looking for. We at AKPREMIER.COM focus on service and each and every customer is treated like a VIP because you are exactly that to us.

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