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Flowers definitely make people happy upon receival, but they are also a brilliant way to lift the mood and atmosphere within a room.

But how ?!?

My flowers by Grace & Thorn 💖💖

Flowers represent life, looking at them and being surrounded by them is said to give a feeling of new life, new beginnings and rejuvenation.

Many flowers have specific symbolism in life.

Certain flowers can convey passion, sympathy and celebration within colours or scents.

Smelling flowers have been proven to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels, alleviating mild depression. This is just one of the reasons why aromatherapy is based on floral fragrances, and those relaxing candles in your home are floral scented. Stress is a big problem for many people, and natural remedies such as flowers can certainly help. Flowers such as lavender have shown improvements in short-term memory cases, anxiety relief and have proven great for relaxation.

What is the most meaningful flower ?

Heliotrope. Just when you thought the rose was the most meaningful flower, the heliotrope steals the show,it means eternal love.

Having the right colour flower arrangement at work or home can make you feel much brighter and happier. Choose orange/yellow shades for happiness, such as tulips, or dahlias. By combining both orange and yellow can create a calming mood, and adding greens can reflect feelings of peace

Hope you enjoy reading my article,

all a beautiful day 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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