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Updated: Jun 19, 2020


RusiDesigns Handbag is a prized possession of mine


Angelina Kali @angelina_kali Journalist, Entrepreneur, International Model and Social Media Influencer

The handbag is the essential accessory for women. Where else would you keep all your belongings if you are wearing a sleek cocktail dress? Even if you had pockets, filling them up would ruin the silhouette of the dress completely. And a clashing handbag that doesn’t match the outfit is not much better. But it is not merely an accessory, it is also a statement of who you are and your position in society.

High society has been dominated by an exclusive club of brands that includes Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Below them is a throng of brands catering to all price ranges from the very affordable to the very expensive. But few can even remotely come close to the cachet of the elite group. There is, however, a brand that is making a significant impact and that is RusiDesigns.

RusiDesigns was founded by Rusi Hancock, a Georgian born British designer. Her vision was to create visually stunning handbags that were also practical whilst delivering the absolutely highest quality of materials and manufacture at a price that didn’t need re-mortgaging the house to acquire one.

The exceptional delivery of her vision made Rusi Designs handbags an instant international success. Today, women can be seen wearing them in the company of Presidents, Prime Ministers and other dignitaries. They are also so chic that they have become a favourite of the younger jet set that include Megan Young, Miss World and LA Actress and Model Sarah Malakul. And of course now a prized collection of mine.

What has made Rusi Designs handbags so popular is not only due to their sophisticated and chic look, but it is the impeccable attention to detail. You will be hard pressed to find a better made handbag. As soon as you touch them, you immediately get a sense of the quality. Inside, only the highest grade zips, closing mechanisms and accents have been used offering easy access to your precious possessions whilst keeping them secure. Their ascension has been appreciated with full length articles in Vogue, Marie Claire and many other leading international publications.

Beautiful Italian craftsmanship coupled with sumptuous leathers in exciting colours, distinctive stand-out designs, and use of her gold plated Caucasian leopard motif all come together to make seriously desirable luxury handbags!

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