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With the constant pressure for gender equality, there seems to be a form of self censorship when it comes to celebrating femininity. As a woman, I am all for gender equality but that does not mean that we need to eradicate femininity and become gender neutral. I think that we can strive for gender equality at the same time as celebrating the obvious difference between the genders.

AK Premier has therefore launched its own affordable luxury swimwear range to celebrate women of all body shapes and sizes. Designed and manufactured in France, every piece has been carefully designed to be modern, exciting and chic whilst exuding femininity. They convey that you are confident as a woman and proud to show it.

That is the message I am getting from all those who own a set. They can now be seen on many of the most fashionable beaches throughout the world. Join this exclusive club with a limited edition AK Premier luxury bikini.

The AK Premier swimwear have been manufactured for superior comfort, secure wear and longevity. Using the highest quality fabrics, they are easily washed and won’t fade when exposed to even the strongest sunlight and salt water. That’s obviously a big advantage as the feminine modern designs will always be in vogue and never be out of fashion. They will remain prized items in your summer wardrobe for a long time.

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