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The” must-have” Timeless Classic fashion pieces every lady should own

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The” must-have” Timeless Classic fashion pieces every lady should own

I spend a lot of time reporting on fashion, latest trends, designers, and elegant ways of dressing up. Following my articles about sustainable fashion, I am now focusing on high quality timeless garments that never go out of fashion and which you can keep for years, if not decades.

Thinking of the longevity of your purchases is not only a way for a more sustainable approach to fashion, but it also helps you to have timeless classical pieces that never go out of style, suitable for almost any occasion. This is especially true if you choose the ‘evergreen’ always fashionable neutral shades or classic black colour. Of course,you can always accessorize them for that so important extra touch to complete your glow.

It’s always great to start with the basic classic look and add up; whether it’s a belt, fancy jacket or any other accessories.

I’m sharing one of the brands I discovered, HauteHippie, offering so many classic pieces, which will definitely have to be in your wardrobe @hautehippie

You can't get more classic than a pair of tailored trousers. Whether you dress them down with a slouchy knit and boots, or buff it up with a shirt and heels, this is a chic staple that is sure to serve you for many seasons to come.

White shirts and blouses aren't just for work. There’s something liberating about wearing a crisp, classic white T-shirt in the morning—fresh, dewy-faced, adding only a touch of jewellery to give us the extra mood lift we may need, whether that’s in a pair of gold hoops or a minimalist chain necklace to help us feel some semblance of sartorial normalcy.

You can match them with black tailored trousers and add heels with some accessories for office or pair them with jeans and white sneakers to have it for the weekend look.

If you would like to see more timeless classic pieces check out on Haute Hippie website below as well soon available at

Happy shopping 🛍

Stay elegant and beautiful 💝

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