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Updated: May 21, 2020


Angelina Kali International fashion model, Journalist, TV Reporter and Social Media Influencer

Whilst fashion is my forte, every girl likes some nice accessories and jewellery to go with an outfit. So I am always looking out for stylish accessories that can enhance my look. During my last trip to Continental Europe I was introduced to two Dutch brands that took my breath away. You don’t need 20/20 vision to see that they have something magical.

Rocks On A Rope is a Dutch jewellery brand that delivers exquisite jewellery equally suitable for casual elegant for every day wear as they are for a red carpet event. I love the refined delicate styling. Rare coloured diamonds are their specialty which makes their jewellery that extra special. Any girl would be over the moon to receive something from Rocks On A Rope for Valentines.

As for that quintessential accessory, a woman can never have enough handbags. If you are like me who want the best but will still reflect my individuality, then I recommend a handbag from the Dutch brand Loes Vrij for its classical sleek lines, contemporary design and luxury look. Flawlessly constructed by the best Italian craftsmen, the Loes Vrij collection combines form and functionality with bold colours and eye-catching details. If you can’t visit their amazing store in Amsterdam, look out for the brand as they are stocked by many of the finest boutiques throughout Europe, Asia and Dubai.

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