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Sanosia Hamade – Empowering Women

Sanosia Hamade – empowering women


Angelina Kali International fashion model, Journalist, TV Reporter and Social Media Influencer

As a designer from the Arab world, the significance of what she does has an added importance according to Sanosia Hamade. It is not just about designing stylish and desirable clothes, it is also about empowering women through her designs to express their individuality and personality. Whilst clothes don’t make or define a person, they definitely convey a distinct message to the outside world that this is who I am and I am not afraid to show it.

With an international background having been born in Libya, raised in Lebanon, lived in Italy and her personality shaped by Kuwait, Sanosia Hamade has been able to fuse classical Arab and western styles into contemporary chic designs that convey the inner confidence of all who wear her clothes. This is exemplified by A-list celebrities like Rita Ora and Beyoncé who have expressed their admiration for Arab fashion. Beautiful detailing showcases the craftsmanship that has gone into each and every garment. Sanosia’s clothes make a powerful statement that whoever wears her creations deserves to be respected.

* La Sanosia Boutique

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