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Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Choosing the right bikini is really, really important. A bikini does not allow you to hide anything. Even though I exercise regularly, I still want to have a bikini that fits really well and looks amazing. I have come across three brands which I really like. SixBikini has some stunning bikinis at affordable prices. They are well made and not a high street brand, so it is less likely that you will bump into someone wearing the same.

More Noir make exquisite bikinis with feminine accents. This really makes them stand out from the crowd. Even a single coloured bikini looks incredible and definitely unique. The design accents show that this is a bikini with style and flair. I love their collection.

The third brand that really appeals to me is Afina of London. They design luxury bikinis which are suitable to be worn at a sunny beach wedding. For those who havenot gotten married yet, this could be something to look forward to. What could be more romantic than a wedding by the sandy beach, lapped by warm tropical oceans on a paradise island somewhere exotic? If this is something that appeals to you or you just want something really special, then I highly recommend Afina of London beachwear.

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