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New beauty products to keep you glow this winter !

2020 has been very challenging and not everyone had the chance to spend their holidays abroad under the sun.

Sun lovers, we have the solution for you to keep that awesome tan and glow you had last summer.

If you love sun tanning as much as I do but could not escape on holidays this season you can still enjoy and keep your skin glowing by using this new Paraben and fragrance free product I discovered.

Continue to keep that summer glow you proudly showed during the winter season too by using the natural organic bronzer products from @thisisbeauty_hq

I use it on my face and body . The product naturally blends in my skin and the fact that it does not leave any streaks makes it even better.

The first time I tried @thisisbequty_hq it was magical and it was just wow!!

Ohh, the cherry on the cake is that it's organic, natural and free from animal cruelty testing!!

Try it; be amazed and keep your glow.

Available to click and collect at

“The Cherry Moon”

253 Kings Road,

SW3 5EL, London,

United Kingdom


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