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“Luxury without guilt “⁣⁣

“Luxury without guilt “

♥️ Part of Trash to treasure campaign ♥️

Its been a long time I have not come across something so new and exciting  in the world of beauty & skin care

I tried this avant-garde and incredible organic skin hydrating & nourishing program with Rose Mist, Serum and Rose Cream from AIE Cosmetics when I was shopping in London at the famous and trendy The Cherry Moon Boutique, 253 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3, London.

I was amazed by my face’s  purity, hydration, softness, glow and lift while using the AIE 101 kit for just a few days, all in a natural way.

I honestly felt and noticed such an improvement in my skin’s look. My face started to show a fresh healthy radiance all over.

The creators of AIE call themselves positive beauty rebels with an aim to rejuvenate, to regenerate, to nourish the skin AND in parallel  to help save the seas and the planet.

Each AIE product has its specific function, used  together they make wonders. “The secret is in the natural hydration generated “

If your skin is thirsty for life, and crave for  purity, natural hydration,  lift, softness, and glow you definitely must try AIE planet earth cosmetics. Its pure positive luxury.

Interestingly the AIE 101 Prelude Kit - Rose Scented Happiness is for everyone, women and men.

AIE exciting products come in beautiful glass bottles which are RECYCLABLE, hence kind to the planet.

I absolutely admire the synergy of  AIE Cosmetics with Mother Nature. They aim for a plastic free world with part of their profits go to saving the seas. How wonderful!!





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Sep 15, 2022

Greetings to all! I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I can safely say that I enjoy taking the CBD product because it is natural and not addictive if it is the original CBD product, I really think CBD gummies from Cornbread Hemp are great. Therefore, if you want to try, then order only from them!

Replying to

Thank you Mark. It is with a great pleasure to receive your comment. We will definitely check out your recommendations. Much appreciated, Have a good and productive week. AK Premier team

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