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Updated: May 21, 2020



Angelina Kali Journalist, TV Reporter, International fashion model, and Social Media Influencer 📷

Only recently have people really begun to take mental health seriously. Prince Harry has been one of the most high profileproponents of looking after one’s mental health. Even the most optimistic person will have bad days when it can be difficult to remain positive. This issue has become even more  pronounced during self isolation and lockdowns throughout the world. Humans need interaction with others as we are social beings. So retaining a positive mindset during these trying times is essential for one’s mental health.

There are  a number of things you can do to keep your mind healthy. Let’s start with the “easy” thing first which is to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep has a number of bad side effects and even makes you more prone to illnesses and stress. It might not be easy to relax to get a good night’s sleep when under duress. I take a herbal tea but some might prefer a little nightcap to help with sleeping.

So once you have ensured that you got proper rest, you have to fill the rest of the day with something that interests you or challenges your mind. Thankfully, social media and new technology allow us to keep in touch easily with our families and friends. But there are other things you can also do. Now when you are stuck at home, one of the obvious things is to think if there is something you thought about doing like re-organising your wardrobe, some home improvements or major spring cleaning. Now would be an excellent time to do that especially as it focuses your mind on something constructive.

Another thing to keep you occupied is to think what did people do before all this technology? Read a good book, not only does it keep your mind busy but also broadens your horizons and knowledge. With so much time to spare, perhaps take up on self learning, whether it is to improve your job prospects or something that you are interested in like learning a new language. There are so many virtual courses available and increasing rapidly to cater to the increased demand.

There is of course online gaming. This is probably one of the things that will keep your children occupied and stave off their boredom. But too much has been proven to be bad so need to limit the amount of time spent on this activity. Whilst space might be scarce, there are ways to do keep fit even in restricted spaces. Read my blog how to keep fit during lockdown. If you are alone and need motivation, join an online exercise class or a fitness class on YouTube.

Whatever you do, look after both your mental as well as physical health until the situation improves. Stay safe, be smart and don’t take unnecessary risks with your health and wellbeing.

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