Kimonos & robes are the best outfits to keep you elegant and cosy at home!

Updated: Jan 6

Kimonos & robes are the best outfits to keep you elegant and cosy at home!

Why is a kimono or a lounge robe so versatile?

They are stylish garments which elegantly enhance your cosy indoor sofa relaxing sessions.

What could be more luxurious than a stylish dressing gown?

We have selected some awesome models to enhance your weekend and evening dress choices for a classy yet cosy homely feel.

Whether you choose to complete the look by wearing your new kimono on some silky pyjamas or wear it over your favourite comfies, you can be sure that it will quickly become your go-to lounging item.

There’s truly nothing better on a duvet day than slipping in a cosy kimono robe and making the most of your “me” time.

Post-shower, when the chill hits, your bathrobe will become your best friend, shielding you from the elements and ensuring you remain cosy, warm and elegant.

When the cooler temperatures or surprise summer showers come, snuggle into this fluffy robe Kasandra bathrobe

Kelly Bathrobe

Bring that spa-like feel home with you with the simple purchase of this premium robe

Angelique Kimono

Up the elegance of your robe game with this ultra-smooth and super soft skin feel luxurious robe

Laurie Kimono

Choose the next level of comfort with an elegant lace trim design and a chic and versatile black colourway

Sarah Long Bathrobe

Looking for a memorable gift for your loved one or a treat for yourself ?

These luxurious yet affordable kimono robes are the perfect choices to the discerning and elegant woman.

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