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Keep Fit During Lockdown

Updated: May 21, 2020

Keep Fit During Lockdown


Angelina Kali Journalist, TV Reporter, International fashion model, and Social Media Influencer

The importance to stay healthy is even more pronounced today. That involves not only eating healthily like vegetables, lean protein and drinking a lot of water, but you also need to keep fit as this will give your immune system the best possibility of fighting off this horrendous virus.

So how do you keep fit when you are in lockdown at home? Unless you have a treadmill or an exercise bike, it might be difficult for many to find a way to maintain a healthy cardiovascular regime. But remember before and after exercise, warm up and do some stretching and then after the exercises, warm down to minimise straining your ligaments next time you exercise. Zumba exercises can easily be found on YouTube so you can always follow some of the exercise classes. Then there are step exercises using a low chair or stairs which allow you to set your own pace. These are particularly suitable for those who are normally less active. For those who want an active exercise jumping jacks doesn’t need a lot of room but after a few minutes your heart will definitely be pumping hard.

The trick is to vary the exercises so you don’t do the same every day. By doing too much of the same, it increases the risk that you will strain or even tear something. Simple knee bending will strengthen your legs and in particular your upper thighs as well as tighten the bottom. Do them slowly for best results. You will quickly feel a burning sensation if you do them correctly. If you find normal push ups a struggle, you can always lighten the push ups by leaning against the wall standing up and increase your angle which you feel comfortable with. It is best to start off lightly and increase gradually especially as you are likely to have a lot of time as the lockdown seems to be quite a drawn out affair.

If you want a less strenuous exercise routine, then I strongly recommend yoga. Not only will it improve your suppleness, it will also enable you to control your breathing better as well as improve your mental health. That is something that will be under strain being cooped up for an extended period of time. Your mental health is probably even more important than your physical state for overall wellbeing. And if you are looking for an outfit to exercise in, check out AK Premier’s latest gear. New items are added regularly but many are limited edition so worthwhile to check often to avoid disappointment.

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