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How to stay strong and focussed homeworking.

“How to stay in a good form while working from home “ During these exceptionally challenging times, for many of us to stay strong and focussed is not always easy. I aspire to try keeping you motivated to stay on top of things. To stay energised in the morning I usually start my day with a good breakfast followed by some physical activities, either yoga with YouTube online classes or a power walk / jogging outdoors. My daily Monday to Friday routine continues by working on my laptop throughout the day with my team at @akpremierboutique I used to enjoy face to face business meetings before concluding any deals. Nowadays, I am working differently with online group video conference calls by Zoom or Whatsapp and I find it more efficient and faster. As I would do at the office, I make it a point to have my cut-off time for lunch around 1.30-2.00pm to keep the same momentum and mindset. The workplace has shifted from office to home, but the work in itself has not changed and observing the same routine provides a healthy balance to the mind and body.

I finish my workday around 6pm, unless some urgent matter requires my attention, and my “ME” time starts. I prefer an early dinner, around 7.30 – 8.00pm, so I can have a good digestion and relax before bedtime about 11pm. During weekends, unless some pressing issues crop up, when possible, I drive to the mountains in France to breathe fresh air, rejuvenate, meditate, and continue my daily activities outdoors. “ME time”, pampering yourself, your body, your mind, your beauty, be it just a purifying face mask, a hot bath, a good movie, trekking or any activities (free online courses for indoor exercises are available to join on Instagram) are extremely important!

Check out this links I found for you for

Free online exercises :

If you like languages, many downloadable free smartphone apps are available for you to learn new languages on the go from anywhere you are. Moreover, what you wear mirrors your own feelings of how confident you are, and other people usually reacts to you the same way they see you.

My outfit : DESIREE GOLD BUTONNED BLACK JACKET Imagine you are working at your “home” office, in which look will you feel better, more confident and more motivated, an office attire or a casual outfit like joggings/ pyjamas? And what if you have an urgent business video call, how would you prefer the other persons to see you?

Several looks to keep you elegant

during your work hours at home or at office :

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Your beauty routine such as nails, hair etc are as important too, do not neglect them. You can always find the ways to do them at home as we have more time at hand than before, especially with the current lockdown in London, where I live part time. I learned quite a few easy steps tricks for the hair and how to maintain a good colour when your hairdresser is closed.. I am currently working on my new Spring-Summer collection with my team which will be showcased and available for sale at the fashion show in Dubai in April and in May should you be in Dubai during that period, please come watch and visit us at the fashion show. Overall, I am humbly trying to keep motivated the personswho are less focussed or need some ideas.

To stay active and focussed are essential for your well-being and mental health during these stressful times we are living. Wake-up early, start your day with a good breakfast and exercise (even if it is just a simple walk outdoors) You will be more efficient through the day and at your work.

The outdoors is the best for both physical and mental health. The fresh air gives such a calming sense of peace. I love going for walks with my family.

My best wishes to you all. Keep healthy, maintain your well-being and stay strong and focussed

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