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Physical activity, no matter how you do it, is healthy for the body.

However, taking your workout outdoors could provide added benefits and it’s a great way to boost your activity level and boost mood.

Studies have shown that physical activities in natural and green environments help you to feel revitalized and rejuvenated.

. It engages you in your environment in a positive way, too. Plus, you’ll feel better about yourself while exercising outside. Improved self-esteem has been linked to outdoor activity, with a reduction in negative moods such as anger, depression, and tension being lessened simply by being outdoors.

On a physical and mental health note, exercise outside is just good for you. Green spaces have been found to support improved physical health both objectively and subjectively, so your sense of well-being is improved right along with your immune system, heart health, and recovery time. You may also feel the stress and anxiety just melt away too.

Fresh air can take your fitness to the next level, so get outside and get active today!

During lockdown we are all tempted to work and stay comfortably inside.

My business being mainly online, I take the flexibility of work as an opportunity and schedule my day to make it a point to go out walking daily.

My daily walk has amazing positive effects on my mood, mindset and overall body.

I highly recommend you all to break up with the home comfort, just go walking outdoors and experience the wonderful sensation of well being .

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