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Escape to an Arabian Luxurious Retreat

Escape to an Arabian retreat 💙 @madinatjumeirah @soukmadinatjumeirah

Relax into luxury at the Mina A'Salam, translating as ‘the harbour of peace’ !

My exquisite escape to an Arabian retreat 💙 @madinatjumeirah @soukmadinatjumeirah

While I was in Dubai for the fashion week photo shooting and cat walking for international brands, I heard my friends talking about their incredible experience at one of Dubai’s most attractive developments, Madinat Jumeirah.

It seemed to me like an unmissable experience and decided to see for myself. In fact, what struck me first is the contemporary feel of a traditional Arab village with its Souq (market), palm-fringed waterways and desert-coloured hotels and villas festooned with wind towers.

The atmosphere felt especially enchanting at night, when luxuriously relaxing at the Mina A'Salam, (translating as ‘the harbour of peace’) with the gardens romantically lit and the dazzling Burj Al Arab @burjalarab gleaming in the background. What a magical sight indeed.

You will be amazed with the exquisite details and a sense of mystery while strolling around, so if you happen to come across some stairs, be curious and take them – they might lead you to a hidden terrace with a mesmerising view of the sprawling complex.

Admire incredible views of Burj Al Arab

While at the Photoshoot in Dubai 👑 feeling magical in Mona al Mansouri @almansourifashion2 Couture New Collection 💙 before Catwalk at @tiffanysfashionweekparis

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