Dubai Influencer in AK Premier Arienne Lingerie Set by

Updated: May 21, 2020


The very popular fashion and lifestyle social media influencer @gia_lifestyle from Dubai is looking stunning in her AK Premier Arienne white lingerie set with Swarovski crystal detailing. We are so proud that she and many other notable social media influencers and celebrities love our exclusive luxury lingerie by @Angelina_kali

Whilst women are continually struggling for greater equality, we should not be ashamed to be women. There is nothing wrong for us to want to feel sexy or look good. By wearing our luxury lingerie, you determine if and when you want to reveal how good you look. You as a woman is now in charge of your own destiny at par with men. But don’t forget that you should be proud to be a woman and feel liberated with AK Premier.

To see how much there is to enjoy in life as a liberated woman, follow Gia’s amazing adventures for fashion and lifestyle tips on her social media at @gia_lifestyle.

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