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Updated: May 21, 2020


With so many shows organised during London Fashion Week, it is difficult to stand out from the throng. One event organiser that managed to hit the headlines for all the right reasons was the Fashion Collective Hub. The previous year, their event was staged on an exclusive super yacht. Its popularity meant that they held this year’s event in the more spacious The Steel Yard in the City of London. Still, queues formed to enter the anticipated event that was headlined by the Colombian supermodel and internationally renowned DJ Natalia Paris.

Rocking to the Latin beat played by Natalia Paris, the models showcased a variety of styles - from the elegant couture of Sayada Rehman to the street funk of Maria Bustillos whilst Okwuis Frocentric was in tune with the Latin rhythm with his African inspired casual outfits. And the models wore some of the creations showcased during the fashion show at the VIP After Party that enabled everyone to see how the designer creations looked in a social setting. With several celebrities in attendance, the After Party was the place to be as Natalia Paris kept pumping up the volume with her rhythmic Latin inspired garage techno-beats.

The Fashion Collective Hub organised more of an event rather than the usual showcasing of the catwalk. Prior to the fashion show, people could freely mingle with the designers, buyers and media at the exhibition. The networking opportunities were fantastic especially as the contacts made there could be cemented at the After Party.  With their last two London Fashion Week events being this hip, I can’t wait to see what the Fashion Collective Hub will organise for next year.

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