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Are Beauty Pageants relevant today ?

Beauty Pageants creates opportunities for ordinary women from all ordinary backgrounds with an interest in design and fashion of which the modelling industry is just a part. It's an avenue through which an ordinary girl, lucky enough to have a strong personality and a bit more than good looks can get noticed and only then, through dedication and very hard work get to the top. The beauty queen industry, just like the film industry has had to clean itself up so that the 'casting couch' is a thing of the past. No sponsor of a beauty queen competition dare have their brand tarnished by scandal.

After beauty pageant industry journey took me into modelling, it helped me to understand the high fashion market and launch my own fashion brand AK PREMIER. “What is high fashion today becomes the high street fashion tomorrow.”

Check out my latest Article in Los Angeles Magazine “Manila Up “ below.

As a winner of Miss England Supranational , I wanted to share this article to inspire and empower Beuaty Peagants. Good luck to all the ladies for the next show ❤️@misssupranational

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