Modern strapless Wedding Maison Magenta in white.


Layered chiffon skirt with a futuristic corset.

The wihite ball gown is designed in a practical way in two parts which can be worn individually. The corset is from Silk Moire with boning and silk lining.

The pleated three tier skirt in silk gazaar.


*(The cost of garrment is calculated on time spent at 25£ per hour plus material costs).


Dress is made to measure. Once an order has been made, click on the special form button- TAILOR MADE. You have to fill it in as instructed with accurate measurements. Or you can always visit our showroom in London and have the measurements taken by one of our specialists. Length, colour or other smaller adjustments can usually be accommodated. If you wish to have some major changes, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.



Modern strapless Wedding Maison Magenta in white

Color: WHITE
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