From blocking out light, helping you doze off without any distractions or giving your eyes a break from looking at screens all day, they’re one way of improving your sleep without needing to reach for medicinal aids.

Sleep Mask is designed as an essential for overall health and beauty!
Although they look pretty simple, eye masks tend to be one of the most effective solutions for relaxation. When your brain cells sense pure darkness, the brain causes the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant with multiple benefits.

AK Premier luxurious eye mask in gold champagne colour will leave you relaxed and ready to get your perfect beauty sleep. 

Designed from silky satin soft eye mask embroidered with AK gold thread for unique style while at howl. 

Would also make a gorgeous gift for your love one ! 

It comes with a matching pouch too so it will come in handy for using it on the go.

Safira Eye sleep mask

Colour: Gold
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