Golden Women’s shirt with handmade crystals fitted with signature LC cuffs

This women's taupe shirt features an elegant pointed up collar and single cuffs. This fitted shirt have been flatteringly designed with darts at the waist and bust, creating a streamlined silhouette.

This shirt is made from 97% polyester generating a satin texture which feels soft and luxurious. This adaptable and opulent shirt will enhance every wardrobe.


Dress is made to measure. Once an order has been made, click on the special form button- TAILOR MADE. You have to fill it in as instructed with accurate measurements. Or you can always visit our showroom in London and have the measurements taken by one of our specialists. Length, colour or other smaller adjustments can usually be accommodated. If you wish to have some major changes, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.


AK Limited Edition is made to measure. Once ordered we will ask you body measurements by sending ready form or invite you to our showroom to have our specialist to do accurate measurements and meeting to design your desired outfit. Length, colour or other small adjustments can be arranged with our tailor boutique.

Welcome to give us other pictures with color and size, we will be happy to custom made for you.

Golden shirt with handmade crystals

Color: Gold

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Winner as "The best designer of the year of Lingerie collection" at Flame Festival 2019 

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