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Angelina Kali

International fashion model, Journalist, TV Reporter and Social Media Influencer

Whilst the outfit is the major component of a person’s look, accessories form an important part as they convey your personality and who you are. I come across a brand that ticks all the right boxes in terms of style, panache, being contemporary and also affordable, I am so privileged to being able to share it with all of you.

Shop collection at The London Chelsea Boutique “The Cherry Moon” 253 Kings Road, SW3 5EL, London. @thecherrymoonlondon

Maria Khan is a jewellery designer of real talent. As any jewellery designer of note, she designs high end show pieces using only the finest gem stones. But what sets her apart is that she understands the complexities of life and the pressures we are all under as she faces the same issues on a daily basis. She has therefore also used her incredible design talents to create stunning affordable pieces that make an impact elegantly and can accessorize any outfit whether it be for a casual shopping trip or an elegant evening function.

The best word to describe her affordable creations is versatility. They provide that extra spark to any outfit. With just a few of her pieces, you can accessorise most of your outfits in your wardrobe to create a modern, chic look for any occasion. Whilst people think that I have spent thousands on my jewellery, her creations in precious metals start from less than $100.

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Amber Sienna
Amber Sienna
Jan 02, 2021

Beautiful 💕

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