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Updated: Mar 25, 2021



Angelina Kali

Although many may think that because I am a fashion model I am always dressed up whenever I leave my front door, I like many others don’t always feel like dressing up. In the evening or on a Sunday, I like to wear something comfortable at home whilst doing chores or working on my laptop. Sometimes I just need to take my dogs for a walk or pop to the local convenience store. So if I don’t want to change but don’t want to look like a slob either, my solution is to wear something that I classify as “Comfortable Elegant Casual Wear”.

My definition of Comfortable Elegant Casual Wear are comfortable clothes like sportswear that have been designed for comfort whilst providing a sense of heightened style and elegance. Clothes that you would be equally happy wearing relaxing in front of the TV as you would be having an al fresco lunch in Knightsbridge. Modern dress sense has become far less formal which has meant that there are some designers who have attempted to fill this segment of the fashion market. Whilst many have been less than successful in their attempts, there are a few who have really elevated comfortable casual wear to luxury chic.

I am not sure if the glances I get when I wear his tracksuits whilst walking the dogs is for my cute chihuahuas or what I am wearing, or perhaps both. If you are looking for something comfortable to wear at home that you can look chic in when popping out, I highly recommend you to check out Gianni Salvatore. And the high standing of the brand can be evidenced by Mel B of Spice Girl fame travelling with her Louis Vuitton luggage in his two tone tracksuit.



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Mia Louise Edmonds
Mia Louise Edmonds
02 sep. 2020

I love your blogs great article 💗


Great article Angelina 😍😍