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Celebrate your individuality with Frobolous

Celebrate your individuality with Frobolous


Angelina Kali Journalist, TV Reporter, International fashion model, and Social Media Influencer

Too often customers are dictated to what they should buy rather than the other way around. The customer is no longer king (or queen), unless you belong to the super wealthy who can afford to buy tailormade clothes or haute couture. It is an illusion that retailers like to maintain. This is perfectly illustrated by Henry Ford’s famous quote, “You can have any colour you want, as long as it is black!” How often have you come across a dress that you like but would like to have it in a different colour or slightly longer? As it is not available in a different colour, you still end up buying it even though it is not exactly what you wanted.

Despair no longer. There is a new force in the world of fashion called Frobolous. Frobolous has combined high design with hi tech to provide an innovative solution to this common consumer dilemma. This new ‘fashion-tech’ company offers a unique fashion-on-demand service that allows customers to design and customise a garment via its unique 6-degree customisation process. This process involves customising the neckline, length, detailing, sleeve type, colour and tailoring for perfect fit. And best of all is that the costs are much lower than you would expect for this level of service. Their hi-tech approach maximises the efficiencies that technology provides which has eliminated many of the costly processes involved in the traditional tailoring process.Frobolous truly enables you to celebrate your own individuality, empowering you to be you. There is no longer a need to wear a dress shorter than you prefer or in a colour not exactly what you wanted.

There is a song by the heavy metal rock band Iron Maiden called “The Prisoner” that contains the phrase ‘I am not a number, I am a free man.’ This phrase is quite poignant in today’s modern world where everyone talks about celebrating individuality, but the reality is just more and more conformity and hegemony. It was taken from the 1960s hit UK TV show “The Prisoner” in which the people in power try to destroy the individual and make him/her conform by any means possible. If we blindly accept the drive towards ever greater hegemony, then there is a real danger that the dystopian futures envisaged by Aldous Huxley in his famous book “Brave New World” or Karl Wimmer directed “Equilibrium” starring Christian Bale could become reality.

Frobolous enables you to break free from the shackles of conformity imposed upon you. Celebrate your own individuality by showing the world who you are by wearing exactly what best reflects your personality. No need any longer to settle for second best like buying an amazing looking outfit that doesn’t fit properly or have design features that you don’t like. This is such an innovative concept that will really rattle the fashion industry to become more accommodating to the customers. Frobolous really makes the customer the King (or Queen) again!

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