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With between 60-70,000 racegoers in attendance every day at Royal Ascot, it is difficult to get noticed as each publication only uses a few photos for their coverage. So if you want to get noticed, the big question is how. At the red carpet, all eyes and cameras are focused on you as you walk up the red carpet. But at Royal Ascot, there are over 20,000 well dressed women all mingling at the famous facecourse. You really have to stand out from the crowd, especially with so many royalties and A-list celebrities in attendance. Either as one of the best dressed or ignominuously as one of the worst dressed. I prefer the former so when I go, I truly make an effort to select a hat and matching outfit that looks stylish. So far it has worked a treat as I was published in so many publications last year when I attended Royal Ascot 2018. And it has worked again on the first day of Royal Ascot 2019.

For the first day of Royal Ascot, I am wearing a fabulous hat by House of Charles and a demure pink dress by Lacry Couture. By adding a few stylish accessories, it can make all the difference. As E-news commented, "From the gloves and sunglasses to the extravagant hat, this attendee knows how to accessorize in style." Harpers Bazaar voted my hat as one of the most fabulous hats on the first day at Royal Ascot 2019. I am amazed that my picture appeared as the fifth photo just below the Queen of England and the other 3 photos before mine were all of royalty. (Please see the link to the Harpers Bazaar article at the end of this blog.)

My image was one out of six photos used in the global news channel CNN coverage of the first day at Royal Ascot 2019. Three of the photos were of the Royal Family. So I am extremely pleased that CNN chose to use one of me of the other three photos for their article. It certainly does pay off to make that extra special effort when choosing the hat and outfit. In the Evening Standard, I was included in their first day coverage titled "The best dressed at Royal Ascot 2019". My image was also included in the Daily Mail's coverage of Royal Ascot. There were several other publications where my image was used but the ones below are some of the more notable ones.

So if you intend to go to Royal Ascot next year or any other high profile event, please follow my blog. I also suggest that you visit WWW.AKPREMIER.COM for fabulous outfits and accessories that will make an impact and get you noticed as one of the best dressed.

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